Sparkle Cleaners 3-hour service available 7 days at no extra cost in store.

Order must be in by 7 AM to 12 PM Monday to Friday & 8 AM to 12 PM Saturday and Sunday.

We offer FREE PICK-UP and NEXT DAY delivery service Monday to Friday.
Minimum order $25.00

How it Works

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Call Sparkle Cleaners at (888) 572-2604.

Delivery Schedule

We pick-up and deliver to your home or office on Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday.
Monday pick-up will deliver on Thursday and Thursday pick-up will deliver on Monday.
Tuesday pick-up will deliver on Friday and Friday pick-up will deliver on Tuesday.

Alterations take at least 1 week. Leather and Suede cleaning takes approximately 2 weeks.

Request Pick Up

First Time Customers: Place all your garments into a bag (plastic bag preferred).  
Existing Customers: Place all garments into the Sparkle Cleaners laundry bag you received with your first delivery along with a completed Sparkle Cleaners Order form. Call us or Request a Pick-Up online.

Our driver will pick up your clothes from your home or office for FREE on the next scheduled Pick-Up & Delivery day for your area.

Receive Your Order

Our driver will deliver your order within 2 business days of pick up for FREE along with a Sparkle Cleaners laundry bag.

Please use this bag for future Pick-Ups.

Billing and Payments

Each delivery will have a ticket showing the cost of the service. Services will be charged to the Visa or Master card or Discover or American Express card number on your file.

Our Pricing

  • M - L 2pc Suit


  • Dry clean shirt


  • T-Shirt


  • Tie


  • Skirt - Plain


  • Laundry Shirt - Hang


  • Pants


  • Jacket winter


  • Small Jacket (LT)


  • Women's 2pc suit-ski


  • Dress - Plain


  • M L Pants Cotton


  • Sweater - Regular


  • RainCoat - Regular


  • Vest - Regular


  • Blouse - Regular


  • Jump Suit


  • Coat - Long (LT)


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Enjoy Free Pickup & Delivery from Sparkle Cleaners

Looking your best doesn't require as much of your time. Sit back, relax, and let a Master Drycleaner take care of our high fashions!

With our superior process and FREE Pickup and Delivery Service, your clothes will look and feel their best without leaving home and without lifting a finger! Just pick up the phone and we'll gladly pick up and deliver your clothes to your home or office-whichever is most convenient for you. Plus, we use Sanitone's premium dry-cleaning process to gently clean and revitalize your delicate fabrics. In fact, Sanitone enhances the color, texture, and feel of most apparel. That's why leading clothiers like Austin Reed consistently recommend the Sanitone Process for better looking, longer lasting fashions.

Now 3 Hour Dry Clean Service Available 7 Days A Week At No Extra Cost!